hario mini mill

Hario Mini Mill Slim

Kíváló ár érték arányú kézi kávé őrlő, a piacon kapható legkisebb méretét.

Kerámia késsekkel, melyek előállíthatóak a kívánt őrlési finomságra és kb 24 gramm kávét tudsz vele leőrölni.

Hario Mini Mill is an excellent manual grinder for home and portable applications. Ideal for travel, allows for fast and good grinding of your favourite coffee during breaks when on the road. You can dismantle it in a few seconds and clean it by rinsing with warm water.
The grinder is extremely practical and handy as well as lightweight since it is made of plastic (except for ceramic burrs, of course), it allows for free and quick adjustment of grinding. It can quickly grind up to 24 grams of beans, which is the perfect amount to infuse 2 large cups of coffee in a dripper!

8 500 Ft Nettó ár: 6 693 Ft

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