Porlex Mini

Az összes kéziőrlő közül amelyeket kipróbáltunk, Porlex magasan a legjobb, és még az AeroPress belsejébe is tökéletesen illik.

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Porlex Mini has set new standards for portable hand coffee grinders. The grinder leaves no doubt as to its perfect fit, finish and functionality. It is elegant, beautifully designed and well built.
The entire casing is made of stainless steel and, what is important, it is equipped with ceramic burrs. It weighs 236g only, but in this case, less is more. Its narrow cylindrical shape perfectly fits your hand which allows for grinding in a very natural way. Adjustable grinding provides excellent consistency of ground coffee, so you can grind coffee for both espresso and French Press. The grinder holds 26g of coffee. An additional advantage of the grinder is that it fits in Aeropress, thanks to which they make the ideal set for brewing coffee on the go!

18 000 Ft Nettó ár: 14 173 Ft


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